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Electrical & Temperature Calibration Laboratory


  • Established since 1997
  • Laboratory Quality Management:- MS ISO/IEC17025:2005
  • Traceability to SIRIM BERHAD – Malaysia National Measurement Laboratory;
  • Specialized in AC/DC Electrical and Temperature Calibrations;
  • Located in the northern region of Malaysia Peninsular;
  • Full calibration services IN-Lab or ON-SITE at customer premises;
  • Value Add Services by Out Sourced Collaboration with others local accredited calibration laboratories:  
  • Repairing Services for Test & Measuring Equipment;


What is Calibration?

The accuracy of the electronic components used in all instruments naturally drifts over time. Time in service as well as environmental conditions also add to this drift. As time progresses, changes in component properties will cause greater uncertainty in your measurements. Eventually, the drift causes the instrument's uncertainty to become undefined, meaning the manufacturer can no longer predict the uncertainty and guarantee measurement results. To resolve this issue, instruments must be calibrated at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer. Read more

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